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Training the Personal Trainer
Fit-Pro's Personal Traing School

Personal Training Services

Private, Personal & Professional:
Many personal training centers, gyms and fitness centers hire run-of-the-mill sales/training instructors and refer to them as “personal trainers.” (We call them Rent-A-Buddies.) At Results Plus Personal Training in Hamden, CT, we hire multi-certified personal trainers from nationally accredited organizations. Our clients turn to us because they believe in our education and believe in our philosophy: “Proper exercise is done safely, effectively, and takes less time because we teach you how to do it right. It's called exercise efficiency.”

Our Personal Trainers:
All our personal trainers are not just certified from a weekend test. They are qualified, experienced, seasoned professionals, considered the best throughout Hamden, CT, North Haven, New Haven, Cheshire, Wallingford, Woodbridge, and Fairfield, Connecticut. They are highly skilled professionals. They are certified, qualified personal trainers. They are the reason that our clients reach and exceed their goals.

Personal Training Sessions Include:
• Personal Training Services Include 50-minute Sessions
• Free Cardio on Off-Days
• Free Nutrition Programs
• Functional Training to Enhance Overall Fitness Levels
• Personal, Private & Professional Surroundings

Program Rates and Fees:
Personal training can be purchased in mini-memberships. Sessions range from 18 to 100 visits.

Our professional fees are based upon your commitment. Costs work on a sliding scale. For example, the more sessions you purchase at one given time, the lower the per-session cost becomes. Programs range from $65.00 per visit to $49.00.

Special Rates and Offers:
• Ask us about THE POWER OF 2 Program: Split the cost with a friend!
• We also offer FAMILY-share-a-membership plan: Flexible hours at discounted rates!

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