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Personal Trainers at Results Plus where “The Focus is Always on You…and only you!” Personal trainers in a private cultured surrounding.

Looking for personal trainers in CT? In CT personal trainers, and personal training is a growing industry. Choosing the right personal trainer is a challenge. In CT since 1987 Results Plus personal trainers are different. We are not a gym! We delight clients from Hamden CT, North Haven CT, New Haven CT Wallingford CT Cheshire CT, Woodbridge CT and parts of Fairfield CT. With Results Plus personal trainers you get to lose weight, increase strength functionally, rehabilitate any concern, and just feel better. Our personal trainers work exclusively with busy business professionals and their families. Results Plus personal training only employs elite, educated personal trainers that are academically educated in proper biomechanics and engineering of the human structure. Results Plus voted Top 15 Personal Training Centers in the United States. Dave Parise is on the Top 100 List of best personal trainers in America.

Certified personal trainers are with you every step of the way, the right way. We've been exceeding personal training expectations since 1987. Results Plus serves clients from Hamden CT, North Haven CT, New Haven CT, Wallingford CT, Woodbridge CT and Cheshire CT.

Residing in the Hamden, North Haven, New Haven, CT areas, and nationwide, a Results Plus personal trainer DEMANDS an Interview. Call a personal trainer at any facility, and then call Dave Parise's personal trainers in Hamden, North Haven, and New Haven at 203-288-8822 Results Plus personal trainers are professional certified QUALIFIED professionals, and hold high standards in client service, exercise intelligence, and safety.

Your Results Plus Certified, moreover qualified personal trainers promotes exercise efficiency. Hiring Results Plus personal trainers will support and guide you to become healthier. How do you look and feel? Remember it's not what you do; it's HOW you do it! All encompassed in a private, professional, cultured surroundings.

“If you don't invest in your health, then your entire life's portfolio will depreciate.”
— Dave Parise, CPT, MES, FPTA – National Fitness Hall of Fame inducted 2012

Certified Personal Trainers, Hamden CT, North Haven CT, New Haven CT, Wallingford CT, Woodbridge CT and Cheshire CT. 203-288-8822


Certified vs. QualifiedPersonal Trainers CT @ RESULTS PLUS are MORE than Certified.

Dave Parise explains why it's important to be both certified and qualified—the personal training industry is not mandated. Anyone can call himself or herself a personal trainer! You can get a certification in one weekend! (SAD BUT TRUE)

Most people follow someone's experiential subjective opinion…these opinions are based on a feeling, or sensation this is far from the truth. We come to identify that as "the truth" about a particular exercise. All too often we dismiss the science behind true joint function.

Knowing that there's nothing new under the sun or that many others share the same common view, people come to, what, in their eyes, hearts and minds, is, "the truth" about a particular exercise. They become married to it, or say, "Well look at him, or her—it must work!" Today's exercises are influenced by emotions and/or prejudices. So, for those that deny there are absolute truths in anatomy and exercise mechanics or say that all truth is relative, are misrepresenting just to create the illusion. This illusion is totally based on a feeling, and repetition range. Objectively, exercise is below the skin—where the joints tendons and ligaments experience internal forces. We must stop watching pieces of skin moving and equate that to making sense. We believe when you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.

May I be constructive? I personally have noticed that most trainers from east to west and across the pond have a one-size-fits-all attitude. I call them "rent-a-buddies". They count reps…they perform single plane movements from a fixed manufactured machine. Some learn the latest "functional" moves from a magazine or the Internet. They walk around recording reps, and sets in a little book with a training company logo. Some, like a statue with arms folded, watch as their client performs nonsense improper exercises. They have no clue what the next exercise may be, so on the fly they remember an exercise from their workout, or a one-day seminar. Why? Maybe personal training is just looked at as a supplement to their "real job". I am just stating an objective fact.

We want to stop all the painting by number trainers, and create personal Picasso's. As professionals we must understand the body and how it functions—based on science, not "gym talk" or how an exercise feels. "A law in science (anatomy) is different than a judicial law. A judicial law is argument—that's why we go to court. So, in physics, we have a different law, and you cannot change anatomy and the way it functions. We changed anatomy based on the way it feels!" When we do that we are asking for trouble! Remember that fact when looking for the "right / safe trainer".

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