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Owner, Todd Murray

Maintaining and restoring vitality, balance, and mobility has been a chief passion for Results Plus owner and visionary, Todd Murray. With over 25 years of professional health and movement experience, Todd has dedicated his life to studying how our bodies age, and has gone down the rabbit hole — weeding through the myths and fads related to health, dieting and working out — to bring you tested and proven practices to prevent injury, build resiliency, boost energy, and look amazing at any age. 


Todd's protocols blend weight and cardio training, physical therapy, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, and coaching. Many clients and their family members report seeing and feeling results within the first session; however, they are often so focused on having fun, that the results become secondary to the process. 

Hop over to our Training Tips to virtually meet Todd, and watch him present fun practices to help you stay in shape anywhere — and at ANY age > 

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Todd Murray of Results Plus Fitness
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Our clients are more like Family. We take your success very personally, and want you to be excited with your results. See what our Clients have to say about us >

The Results Plus team promotes fitness for the mind & body. This holistic approach offers first-class personal training, nutrition, wellness, physical therapy, massage therapy, life coaching and more under one roof.

We analyze all facets of our clients' lives, and incorporate all data into a plan for your success. You can expect to be cheered on guided through uncertainty and change.

All protocols are closely managed by owner, Todd Murray, and are built on his foundational practice of addressing all "forgotten" joints and muscles that support posture and balance, while building true strength. Clients can expect to get "gym strong," but our team's main goal is to make you strong for Life. Clients are trained to re-learn how to move the body, and correct the causes behind many common complaints. Along the way, clients build muscle, lose fat, gain strength, and build confidence. 

The Results Plus approach values mobility, stability, strength, endurance and coordination. Because of this, many of our clients now have the flexibility and freedom to move in ways they thought were lost with their youth, and have restored their passion and sense of adventure.

A Holistic Approach 
to Fitness 

We are one of the longest-running training gyms in America — focused on getting our clients RESULTS since 1985. The 5,000 square foot facility is located in the heart of Hamden, CT, with easy access and plenty of parking. Members may attend elite, private, or group training sessions, and we will work with you to create a convenient schedule, or build a timeline to work towards a marathon, competition, or event.  


Individualized attention is the specialty of our small team of health professionals. Our fitness trainers will help you get comfortable using the gym's offerings of free weights and cardio equipment, as well as Jacobs Ladder, Step Mill, Full-sized Vibe Plate, Airdyne stationary bike, or Concept 2 Rower.

Once you're done with your workout, get a massage or hit the showers in our clean, well-lit locker rooms, that are fully stocked with toiletries to help you kick off your day looking as good as you feel.

What is keeping you from looking and feeling your best? Book a free consult, and let's begin jumping over those imagined hurdles. Contact us for a free consult >

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