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Holistic, Personalized Training for Body, Mind & Spirit

Specializing in functional fitness and custom in-person or remote personal fitness training for busy professionals, seniors, golfers, cyclists, athletes, marathon training, or recovery from an injury or surgery. Conveniently located in the business district of Hamden, CT, near Albertus Magnus College, Quinnipiac University, and Yale University.

Results Plus customized wellness plan

Nutrition & Wellness


There's no one-size-fits all approach at Results Plus. Our team will create a customized plan to help you establish new habits for building muscle, losing weight, boosting energy, managing stress, and recover from an injury or surgery.

Results Plus Personal Training

Expert Personal Training


Look and feel like a VIP. Results Plus creates a personalized plan for any level or ability. With 3 Tiers of Service to choose from, there is a plan that will help you achieve optimum results.

Results Plus Fitness Coaching

Life Coaching


Dream BIG. Our in-house expert will support you and cheer you on through your fitness journey. We help you build core strengths, re-write limiting beliefs, and create daily practices to keep you motivated, so you can live your best.

Your Journey to Better Health & Vitality Starts Here. Click icon on bottom right of video to hear audio.

The Jacobs Ladder machine at Results Plus Fitness Gym in Hamden, CT

Our full-service gym in the business district of Hamden, CT offers a private setting with state-of-the-art equipment like the Jacobs Ladder

What is Functional Fitness?

Healthy Lifestyle Training and Functional Fitness form the core philosophy of Results Plus. Our expert personal trainers support your fitness goals from the inside out. We take a holistic approach to ensure that goals are attainable, maintainable, and surpassable in a safe, supportive environment. Our gym members and remote clients are continually coached until they look and feel great.

Strength training and exercise is just one tool we use for helping clients attain their goals. We also evaluate quality of sleep, posture, hydration, balance, occupation, stress management, and more

Our mission is to help you achieve — and exceed — personal goals, and overcome the perceived limitations that have held you back. 

Holistic Lifestyle Training Your Way
Choose a Group Workout, 1-on-1 Training Session, or Remote Training Program
— or Mix-N-Match to Suit Your Lifestyle! 


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