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Expert Personal Training


Look and feel like a VIP. Results Plus creates a personalized plan for any level or ability. Work 1-on-1 with professional trainers who are focused on getting optimum results for the longtime athlete, or gym newbie.


Nutrition & Wellness


Working out is just one piece of the puzzle. Let our in-house specialists design a wellness plan to help you select the right foods, and create new habits for building muscle, losing weight, boosting energy, managing stress, or recovering from injury.


Life Coaching


Dream BIG. Our coaching team will support you all the way by exercising and developing your core strengths, re-writing limiting beliefs, and creating daily practices to keep you motivated and living your best life.

Holistic, Personalized Training for Body, Mind & Spirit.

Specializing in custom workouts, coaching and meal planning for seniors, golfers, cyclists, professional athletes, marathon training, injury or surgery recovery. Conveniently located near Albertus Magnus, Quinnipiac University, and Yale University.

The Jacobs Ladder at Results Plus Gym in Hamden, CT


What is Healthy Lifestyle Training?

“Healthy Lifestyle Training” is the core philosophy of Results Plus. Our team of expert personal trainers works to support a client’s fitness goals from the inside out. Our holistic approach ensures that goals are attainable, maintainable, and surpassable. We provide a safe, supportive environment, and continually coach our members until they look and feel at their best.

Strength training and exercise is just one tool we use for helping clients achieve their goals. We also evaluate and educate members on quality of sleep, optimal posture, water intake/hydration, balance, and more. Our holistic approach to your well being includes personal training, nutritional counseling, life coaching, physical therapy, and massage therapy, with more services coming soon.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best version of yourself. 

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Testimonials & Client Compliments

I feel better now than I did 10 years ago! Unlike my friends who go to a gym for 1 month & quit, Results Plus keeps me disciplined with a custom plan & set schedule.

— BARB, 10+ year member

“Wow! As an aspiring PGA Professional, Results Plus opened my eyes to the flaws in my golf fitness. I improved my game by 4 strokes, and consistently hit the ball 285-290 off the tee!

— THOMAS, PGA Golf Hopeful

“If you want someone who is 100% committed to you, your health, & your fitness, take a look at Results Plus."

— THEMIS, House Minority Elect

“After a few months, I lost about 70 pounds! These guys mean business,& have taught me the proper way to get & stay in shape with exercise & diet.
Simply fantastic!

— JOHN, Owner, Commercial Furniture Service of Hamden,CT

My membership is worth every cent! The gym is very clean, the staff is friendly & knowledgeable, and my custom workouts are effective. My whole family trusts Results Plus!

— DENISE, 8+ year member

“I’ve eliminated shoulder pain, neck pain, and improved my balance. I've built up strength & size that I didn't think possible. This place has exceeded my expectations. 

— PAUL, 6+ year member

"Todd is a great trainer.

He cares about his clients and works hard to get them fit and healthy. He'll get you the results you're looking for."  


"Results Plus will no doubt save you at least a decade of trial and error. They are an indispensable resource for those smart enough to recognize it."  








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